WP leader WP name Deliverables Activity No. Title Due date
AASKM WP1 – Project management and coordination 1.1. Kick off meeting 29-02-2024 Completed
1.2. Development of PM guide and package distribution. 31-03-2024 Completed
1.3. Regular SC and PMC meetings. Every 6 months TBD
1.4. Coordination of activities on a daily/weekly basis. On daily basis  In progress
1.5. Regular reports and final report. 30-06-2025 – 31-12-2026 TBD
1.6. External evaluation. 31-12-2026 TBD
UNIRI RITEH WP2 – Preparation package 2.1. Analysis of the state of the energy sector in the Western Balkans. 30-06-2024  In progress
2.2. Assessment and analysis of the position of Western Balkans Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), review of qualifications and analysis of the content of study programs of Western Balkans HEIs versus those of the Program Countries (PCs) 30-06-2024  In progress
2.3. Defining and developing new competencies in the energy sector through the application of digital tools and ICT. 31-12-2024 TBD
2.4. Analysis of existing methodological teaching models with a focus on the hybrid model. 31-12-2024 TBD
2.5. Defining the development of new methodological models for implementing the teaching process based on digital technologies and developing a framework for an interactive e-platform. 31-03-2025 TBD
2.6. Formation of a partnership network for knowledge and experience exchange in the field of energy, green energy, and ICT. 31-12-2026  In progress
2.7. Realization of study visits for Western Balkans Higher Education Institution (HEI) staff. 31-12-2026 TBD
NKUA WP3 – Development package 3.1. Development of new or innovation of existing curricula. 30-09-2025 TBD
3.2. Formation of laboratories/training centers. 30-09-2025 TBD
3.3. Development of professional internship programs 30-09-2025 TBD
3.4. Development and creation of learning materials and e-platforms. 30-09-2025 TBD
3.5. Development and creation of procedures for the operation of laboratories/training centers. 30-09-2025 TBD
3.6. Development of training programs for the industry. 30-09-2025 TBD
3.7. Development of associations for energy savings and connecting interested parties 31-12-2026 TBD
AATPS WP4 – Implementation package 4.1. Accreditation and verification of developed curricula and teaching materials. 31-12-2025 TBD
4.2. Student enrollment. 31-03-2026 TBD
4.3. Curriculum implementation. 31-12-2026 TBD
4.4. Verification of training programs for the economy. 31-03-2026 TBD
4.5. Student internship. 30-09-2026 TBD
4.6. Green Week implementation. 31-03-2026 TBD
VSB-TUO WP5 – Quality assurance and monitoring 5.1. Development of a quality assurance plan. 30-06-2024 TBD
5.2. Quality Assurance Committee meetings. Every 6 months TBD
5.3. Quality control monitoring After each year TBD
ATUSS WP6 – Sustainability 6.1. Creation of a sustainability plan. 30-06-2024 In progress
6.2. Improvement of cooperation among Western Balkans Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) community. On daily basis In progress
6.3. Cooperation agreements between Western Balkans Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and interested parties from the economy On daily basi In progress
AASKM WP7 – Dissemination and exploatation 7.1. Establishment of a dissemination plan. 30-06-2024 Completed
7.2. Development of a project website. 31-03-2024 Completed
7.3. Promotion of study programs in media and on social networks. On daily basis In progress
7.4. Information days. 31-12-2025 TBD
7.5. Promotion of training programs aimed at the economy and the wider community. 30-06-2026 TBD
7.6. Promotion of e-knowledge platform. 31-12-2026 TBD
7.7. Promotion at scientific conferences. M27, M30, M35 TBD